Teak Lounge Chairs

There’s no other relaxing treat than lounging under the sun beside an indoor pool. garden furnitureLoungers are leisure seats commonly used when sun bathing. It is the perfect place to pass the time, sleep, and even drink a good wine while enjoying the warm heat of the sun.

And because loungers are usually positioned in the poolside, they always get wet, and this is probably why people tend to choose rattan garden furniture over teak, and water does not damage it. Swimmers come out of the pool and directly go to the lounger to relax or take a snack. Therefore, the lounger you should have must be made of material that can withstand water and sunlight.

No other lounge chair is more durable and more elegant than teak lounge chairs. These loungers are made of quality wood called teak. Teak is one of the few water-resistant woods used for furniture today, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Unlike other wood that would warp and lose its form when subjected to water, teak can resist the element, preserving its natural beauty. And teak lounge chairs are definitely better than all the plastic and metal counterparts, which lack beauty, sophistication, and grace.

If you want a lounger that would look perfectly beside your newly installed pool or sauna, there’s no better choice than teak lounge chairs. Besides, you only need to buy these furniture once, as it would faithfully serve you for a lifetime.

Unannounced Guests? Don’t Panic!

I panicked recently when my husband’s brother decided to turn up unexpectedly after newbedspending six months in Australia. He called us in the morning to inform as they would be arriving afternoon and got we put him up for several days until he decided where his next stop would be. Of course we said yes, but we were already over full to tell the truth, with our three children and us two adults squeezed into a three-bedroom house along with two rescued unruly dogs and a cat.

On top of that our kids were still sleeping in children’s beds and we did not even have an adult sized bed for Donald.

Richard suggested we look online and I was delighted to see that many companies offer beds delivered the next day. On top of that there is no charge for next day mattresses as long as you live on the UK mainland, plus the items tend to be around 30% cheaper than those you would buy locally.

Everything turned out just fine and we took delivery of our new mattress and teak bed frame the very next day. We squeezed the kids into one room and set the bed up in the smaller room where my daughter Annabelle usually sleeps. Annabel was delighted to have her uncle as a guest, and even more thrilled to take over the adult sized new bed when he left.


Teak Beds

Teak beds are the beds fit for a king. These are the type of beds you see in Cleopatra movies that boasts of exquisite designs and craftsmanship. Popular teak beds come with a canopy or frame to put dainty curtains all around, ensuring you of a good night’s sleep.

Teak beds come in different shapes and design. Only one thing is common across all of them and that’s the high quality teak wood used to make the beds. Teak beds also come in all sizes. You can find them in king, queen, and double size.

The best quality teak cheap beds today originate from Bali and Thailand. Teak trees are actually Asian trees and are almost exclusive to the continent. Aside from beds, teaks are also used for making ships. This assures you of the strength and durability of this wood.

Teak beds are usually slatted. You can put your favorite mattresses over it. But what makes them unique with other beds is their beautifully carved headboard. Its style and design varies greatly. And basing from that, you’ll never find two teak beds that are exactly the same. Teak beds are meticulously created by hand to exude different levels of elegance all throughout.

Advantages of Purchasing Teak Antique Reproduction Furniture

Teak furniture

Teak antique reproduction furniture

Putting aside the aesthetics for a moment, the real beauty of teak antique reproduction furniture is the value for money; an average reproduction can cost much less than its antique counterpart particularly the more lavish exuberant designs, specifically copies of rarer pieces. As for craftsmanship, you needn’t necessarily sacrifice this to own a quality piece, although more expensive than a factory manufactured item many companies pride themselves on creating hand-crafted reproductions using traditional methods, often with the option of having a bespoke piece made to order.

These high quality pieces are made using similar, if not the same material as the originals the only differences being the name (manufacturer) associated with the item and the age or originality. In terms of style and design teak antique reproduction furniture offers a huge degree of versatility, as the name suggests it covers a vast period of time, the advantage that this gives prospective buyers is they can select items to fit with their current décor or redecorate all together in a specific fashion. Popular periods include classical English and European (mainly French and Italian) ranging from the 18th – 19th century, recent times have also seen a surge in cultural antique reproduction furniture such as Chinese and Indian.

Teak Shower Stool

Teak shower stool had found uses other than just being the perfect furniture to a bathroom. A lot of people use it in their gardens or beside the pool. This is primarily because of


the fact that teak shower stools are water resistant. And they can be a nice adornment too.

There are teak shower stools that serve both as a seat and as a place where bathroom items can be placed on. Most stools have shelves where users can freely place any personal effects they may need while taking a bath.

Teak shower stools may either be rectangular or triangular. Triangle-shaped stools are perfect for the corners. The regular shaped stool, on the other hand, can be placed on any spot of the bathroom.

Most teak shower stools are created with vents. This is for ease of cleaning and to prevent water and soap build-up. These stools are made from very high quality wood. Teak is a very durable and is resistant to most elements. You’ll never see teak shower stool warping or polluted with mildew.

There are teak shower stool that are 100% made of wood, while there are those that are crafted with aluminum legs for adjustability. So if you want a truly relaxing shower every time, you have to make sure that your bathroom is equipped with a teak shower stool.

We finished our bathroom off with some lovely wooden venetian blinds we found in this Swindon blinds store. the effect is amazing, and the room looks like a million dollars.

Watco Teak Oil

Teak furniture needs protection so that their look and design can be preserved over a long

period of time. And for that, you are going to need Watco teak oil. This oil is the perfect finish for all your teak furniture around the house. The oil is easy to use and promotes the natural look of teak wood.

But aside from making the furniture look polished and new, Watco teak oil also seals and stains furniture as well. It penetrates the wood, making sure it becomes waterproof, mildew-free, and UV radiation resistant. It goes deep within the material, therefore there’s no worrying about flaking, peeling, or chipping. And as it penetrates, a warm and natural glow is produced.

Watco teak oil doesn’t only work well in teak wood. It is an all-around finish that you can use for mahogany, rosewood, and other soft or hardwood items like rattan furniture. To apply it, just use a medium-sized brush and wipe it over the wood’s surface. It is also possible to use a clean piece cloth to do the job. Watco teak oil is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in furniture as well as boats and other wood-based equipments.

Teak Shower Bench

Who ever said benches are not needed inside showers and bathrooms? You have never

really taken a real shower without sitting on a bench after taking a bath to dotingly attend to your legs and feet. While you can do this inside the bathtub, you can’t really do some shaving without getting soaked in water first.

Teak is always a favorite material for shower furniture like benches. Teak shower benches are quite popular in spas, hotels, and homes with luxurious bathrooms. This piece of small, fine furnishing could transform your bathroom into something elegant and comfortable.

Teak wood is lightweight but nonetheless durable. It can withstand moisture, mildew, and water. This is the main reason why teak is a popular material for shower benches, mats, and stools. Depending upon the design, teak shower benches perfectly complement any bathroom theme.

Customized teak shower benches are widely available these days too. This is helpful so you can have the bench in the exact size and shape you want. You can also specify its height and layers, just in case you want the bench to have an extra shelf for your bathroom necessities.

Teak shower benches come in natural wood color, allowing it blend perfectly with the tiles and other toilet furnishings. Don’t be caught dead without teak shower benches in your spa or bathroom. These are the essentials you should never overlook.

Teak Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs provide a good source of relaxation and at times, even leisure. Rocking chairs have long been associated to the elderly. But that was before. Right now, a lot of modern homes have teak rocking chairs somewhere in the patio, den, or living room.

Teak rocking chairs can be described in a few words: elegant, graceful, and lovely. Even the simplest teak rocking chair can transform a room into a lair of sheer comfort and repose. So if you want to add both stylishness and relief to any room of your house, consider adding a teak rocking chair. It would definitely help you doze into sleep just after a few minutes of sitting in it.

Teak rocking chairs usually come in its natural wood color. But there are also coated ones, usually black, white, or brown. Rocking chairs made of teak are the best ones to use outdoors, like in porches and patios. This is because teak wood is resistant to water and moisture. You can count on teak rocking chairs to last for a long, long time even if it is subjected to the ever-changing weather.

Go give yourself a treat and get yourself a teak rocking chair today. Depending on its design, these chairs cost anything between $150 to more than $500. Choose the one that perfectly fits your budget and your requirements. And you will surely spend longer time in peace and solitude.

Teak Moulding

There are times your house calls for a certain design that concrete panel can’t possibly give. If you require the effects of wood inside your homes for that Victorian or country look, you have to find the teak moldings. These are the ones perfect for the job.

Teak moldings are usually placed in archways, walls, and doors. They serve as frames for these entry places to exude the look you wanted to project. Teak moldings are sold per piece. And each piece comes in a variety of size and style. You have to make sure you’ve got every item you need to finally complete your house renovation chores.

Teak molding typically come unfinished. This can actually be an advantage as it gives you the freedom to paint it in the color you desire. It is even possible to make the molding look like concrete or metal, just by using the right colors. Teak molding can give your house the look you need without doing some major renovation. The teak panels can easily be attached to the wall or anywhere you like it.

But more importantly, you can get customized teak moldings from specialized manufacturers. They may cost a little bit more than the pre-crafted ones, but you are sure to get exactly the design you want. Learn more about teak moldings from your trusted home builder today.

Teak Lamps

If you are looking for an exquisite, vintage lamp to match the aura of your Victorian living room, look for teak lamps. These lamps would surely complement whatever you already have inside the room. Teak lamps go well with antiques and wood furniture. But there are also modern teak lamp designs to choose from. And they won’t get out of place in your stylistic, contemporary home at all.

The versatility of teak lamps makes it perfect not just for living rooms, but in each and every room of your house where lamps maybe necessary. They certainly are decorative items. But you can never ignore their actual function and that is to give light to a dark room.

You’ll be delighted of the many designs teak lamps come in. They may come as table lamps or floor lamps. You can freely choose the style the matches the room. Teak lamps are priced according to their design. And their value varies greatly. Some are priced as low as $10 while others can go off the roof at more than a hundred dollars each piece. The rule of thumb is this: the simpler the teak lamp is, the better value it has.